Membership Overview

By joining the Textile Hall community, you're joining more than just an office space. Community is an often over-used word, but that's what we have here. We're a group of people working together in business by helping one another, our neighbors, and our city. We would love for you to be a part of our community - full-time or just a day. Check out the memberships below and let us know how you want to be a part.


Full-time membership

You're all in. You want to be able to make your space a home away from home. Your desk is your castle and you use it regularly. This is great for teams of one-to-two people who need a permanent space to work, meet clients, and have a little fun too.

Perks include: 24/7 access, desk, filing cabinet, priority conference booking, personal key fob, free coffee, wifi, printing, and great coworkers.



Part-Time membership

You're looking to get out of your house (or coffee shop or friend's basement) and need a place to work one day a week. This is a great option for people who need a place to work, but don't need full-time commitment.

Perks include: All-day access one day per week, personal key fob, free coffee, wifi, printing and great coworkers.